Pookoo Will Destroy You!

Help Pookoo rescue his species from the evil Ding!!!

iPhone | iPad | Apple TV


Smash obstacles, break barriers, collect rings, RESCUE THE OOOMAA!!! Pookoo will jump and roll his way through multi-planetary levels in search of his people, the Ooomaa, who were kidnapped by the treacherous Ding. They even took Pookoo's wife, Pinki, and their two children!

Race your friends and the world with Game Center integration to see who can beat each level fastest!

You control when and where Pookoo jumps or rolls, unless you hit some crazy obstacle of course! This game is simple, fun and appropriate for all ages, young and old.

Come on and pick up your controller, it's time to let those who do injustice in the galaxy know that "Pookoo will destroy you!"